For Anglo-German scientific exchange

Established 1961


There are three German and three English members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, and two Managing Trustees, one of whom must be a resident of Hamburg. The Directors each serve for a term of eight years (four biennial meetings).

German side

Professor Dr.Ed C. Hurt


  • Professor Heidelberg University, Center of Biochemistry

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Professor Dr.Rohini Kuner

  • Pharmacology and Toxicology Internal Senior Fellow Department of Pharmacology, Heidelberg

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Professor Dr.Volker Haucke

  • Professor of Molecular Pharmacology Leibniz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP)

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British side

Professor Russell Foster, CBE, FRS

  • Director of the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute Oxford University
  • Head of the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology Oxford University

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DrBrigitta Stockinger FRS


  • Senior Group Leader Francis Crick Institute

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Professor DameKay E Davies

  • co-Director of the MDUK Oxford Neuromuscular Centre in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics University of Oxford

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Managing Trustees

Kirsten Schinkel

  • Managing Trustee Feldberg Foundation

Professor Dr Stefan Offermanns

  • Managing Trustee Pharmakologisches Institut, Universität Heidelberg

DrMarja Main

  • Foundation Secretariat University of Edinburgh

Former board members

German side

  • Prof Stefan Offermanns
  • Prof Klaus Aktories
  • Professor Ulrich Hartl
  • Professor Dr Franz Hofmann
  • Professor Dr Reinhardt Luehrmann
  • Professor W Neupert
  • Professor Dr B Sakmann
  • Professor Dr H-D Klenk
  • Professor Dr K Starke
  • Professor Dr W Stoffel
  • Professor Dr H zur Hausen
  • Professor U Trendelenburg
  • Professor E Habermann
  • Professor P W Jungblut
  • Professor R Stampfli
  • Professor H Herken
  • Professor O Westphal
  • Professor K J Ullrich
  • Professor P Holtz
  • Professor F Lynen
  • Professor H Weber
  • Professor W Bargmann
  • Professor H Schaefer

British side

  • Prof Richard Morris
  • Prof Dame Frances Ashcroft
  • Professor Robin Lovell-Badge, FRS
  • Professor Tim Bliss, FRS
  • Professor Stephen Franks
  • Professor Guy Dodson FRS
  • Professor G L Collingridge
  • Professor D Barker
  • Sir John Skehel
  • Professor D Colquhoun
  • Professor P B Garland
  • Dr L L Iversen
  • Sir Dai Rees
  • Dr J R Tata
  • Sir James Gowans
  • Sir Arnold Burgen
  • Professor W S Peart
  • Dr S G Owen
  • Professor R A Gregory
  • Professor A Neuberger
  • Sir John Gray
  • Professor A Huxley
  • Professor G W Harris
  • Professor D Whitteridge
  • Professor A L Hodgkin
  • Professor Sir Lindor Brown
  • Sir Harold Himsworth