Dr Gitta Stockinger

The research focus in my lab is on T cell biology, understanding the development, differentiation and function of peripheral CD4 T cell subsets. Relevant to this application I have been a co-organizer of the previous Keystone meeting on Th17 cells and have also co-organized a Cell Symposium on ‘Inflammation and Disease’.

Year Position and Honours
1978 - 1980 Institute for Medical Microbiology, Mainz
1980 - 1982 Clinical Research Centre, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft fellowship
1982 – 1983 Institute for Animal Physiology Babraham, Cambridge EMBO fellowship
1983 – 1985 German Cancer Research Institute , Heidelberg
1985 – 1991 Member of the Basel Institute for Immunology
1991 – 2010 Scientific staff member, MRC National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill London, U.K
2010 – present Head of Division of Molecular Immunology, MRC National Institute for Medical Research